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DJ Madd – Flex’d (Ikonika Remix) / Detroit Skank (BOKA028)

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Released on 31st May 2010 is a brand new single from DJ Madd.

Madd is on a heater right now with support for his music coming from all angles, and so the time is right to release argueably his biggest and most supported track ‘Detroit Skank’, first showcased on Skream‘s ‘Stella Sessions’ radio show on RinseFM.
It’s a beast of a roller which expertly incorporates dub and techno influences and the bassline on this one is absolutely sick, the likes of Headhunter, Skream, RSD and Akira Kiteshi have been utlising it in the raves to devastating effect.

DJ Madd

On the A-side of the single is a post-garage relick of ‘Flex’d’ (the original was released on DJ Madd’s ‘Better With You EP’ – BOKA020) by Hyperdub‘s finest, Ikonika.
It was first showcased by Alleycat on her highly successful Kokeshi Podkast series and is currently garnering support from Mary Anne Hobbs and Martyn. It’s certainly a musical departure for the Boka camp but 2010 has been all about diversifying and showcasing all styles within the realms of bass music.

DJ Madd

a) Flex’d (Ikonika Remix)
aa) Detroit Skank

Released on 31st May 2010 on 12″ Vinyl / Digital
Pre-order the vinyl at Redeye Records here

Coming in late June / early July will be a debut from Vista & Presence Known ‘Their Prey / Water Torture’ (BOKA029)……watch out, this one evil.

Truth – Timeshift / Hackerz (BOKA027)

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Coming next on Boka Records is a formidable two tracker from New Zealand’s finest Dubstep export TRUTH!

Released on Monday 26th April 2010 on 12″ Vinyl & Digital Download.


a) Timeshift
aa) Hackerz

An official video for the tune ‘Hackerz’ is also available to view on Youtube:

Truth recently performed a live set on GetdarkerTV, you can download the audio or view the video feed via this link:
And also their recent set from Hatcha’s KissFM radio show downloadable here:

In other news I can also announce the next couple of releases lined up on Boka, more news on this to come soon:

BOKA028 – DJ Madd – Flex’d (Ikonika Remix) / Detroit Skank  [Late May 2010]

BOKA029 – Vista & Presence Known – Their Prey / Water Torture  [June/July 2010]

Boka Interview and Mix on Kmag & Hush House

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To start off the new year in style Boka has had two interviews on the web as well as an exclusive label mix for Kmag (Formerly Knowledge magazine).

Kmag Interview and exclusive mix available here now:

Mix tracklist:

  1. Matt-U – Double Blind (Dub)
  2. Matt-U – Whyle The Fuck Out (BOKA023)
  3. Truth – Hackerz (forthcoming Boka)
  4. DJ Madd – Better With You (BOKA020)
  5. DJ Madd – Detroit Skank (forthcoming Boka)
  6. 16bit – Chainsaw Calligraphy (Jakes Remix) (BOKA024PT1)
  7. JSL – Jack Cates (forthcoming Boka)
  8. DJ Madd – Better With You (Akira Kiteshi Remix) (BOKA022)
  9. Matt-U & Riskotheque – Guillotine Growl (forthcoming Boka)
  10. 16bit – In The Death Car (BOKA018)
  11. Emalkay – Solid State (forthcoming Storming Productions)
  12. Tunnidge – Higher Forces (BOKA019)
  13. Von D & DJ Madd – U (forthcoming Boka)
  14. 16bit – Chainsaw Calligraphy (PropaTingz Crunk Massacre Remix) (BOKA024PT1)
  15. DJ Madd – Flex’d (Ikonika Remix) (forthcoming Boka)

Lengthy interview also online now on the Hush House blog here:

Look out for the full vinyl releases of Matt-U – Can’t Wake Up / Whyle The F*ck Out and 16bit – Chainsaw Calligraphy: The Remixes Parts 1 & 2 released soon.

BOKA025 – JSL – The Jack Cates EP will be released on 12″ Vinyl / Digital on 1st March 2010.

More news soon.

DJ Madd – Better With You EP (BOKA020)

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It’s out now.
And I’ve just realised that this is the first release on Boka Records produced by an artist outside of the UK….I’m not sure it was intentional to work with only brits for the first 4 years of the labels’ existence, but I guess initially it’s where the cream of the dubstep crop emerged from.
That has obviously changed and artists like DJ Madd based in Budapest, Hungary are doing the business at Boka HQ right now.

dj madd

BOKA019 – DJ Madd – Better With You EP
Featuring the tracks:
A) Better With You
AA1) Reasonz
AA2) Flex’d

Tracks supported by the likes of Ikonika, Akira Kiteshi, 16bit, Alexander Nut, Joker & Bunzero.
Now available on 12″ Vinyl & Digital download

Click here to stream/download a free mix from man like Madd.