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Boka Records HQ – Mix Vol.5 (BOKAHQ005)

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It’s time for a long-overdue installment of the Boka HQ mix series. Stepping up is mr Squarewave, upcoming London producer whos single ‘Snitch / Dirty Game’ is out now on Boka Records’ digital series [TANK] BUY HERE.

Boka HQ did a brief interview with the man Squarewave as an introduction to this producer/DJ:

BOKA: So, Introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about how you started out in music?
SW: Im born and bred in East London. Been into music from an early age as my dad was a Punjabi singer songwriter and put out a few records. I also used to hear my older cousins playing Dreamscape tape packs in their cars all the time so thats how I got into Jungle. From there I just immersed myself into collecting records, listening to the pirates and going out to raves. It was after going to a night called Eastern Drum and Breaks at Herbal in Shoreditch, that I hooked up with Nasha Records and started producing with them. We put out a few dubstep and dnb records as Nasha Experience over the past couple years. Now I’m working more on my own productions.

BOKA: You started up your own label ‘New World Audio’ tell us a little bit about the label and your motivation behind starting it up…
SW: The label has its second release in July, a 4 track ep. I started it to put out music by myself, my brother Sukh Knight and my friend Shandy. I felt that we had a lot of quality music that needed to get out there for people to hear.


BOKA: What’s the London scene like right now from your perspective, what sort of vibe are you really feeling at the moment?
SW: I am very proud to be born and living in East London. The creativity levels are very high, be it music, art, design or fashion. I’m enjoying the nightlife as these days you can hear a range of tempos and flavas all in one room. One of my favourite parties is a promotion called Ergh, who do monthly nights at Cable.
Musically, at the moment I’m really into the hip hop kinda stuff that Kromestar and Jay 5ive are releasing, and also the tribal flavas that Morphy and Raiden are coming out with. But I still listen to a lot of classic US Hip hop and a lot of dnb jungle – Calibre, Dillinja and Full Cycle.

BOKA: What are your Top 5 tracks right now?
1. Kromestar & The Real McKoy – Let Go – dub
2. Marc Rapson – The Kalimba – Futuristica Music
3. Morphy – Black Velvet – Voodoo Music
4. Kromestar – Don’t Make Sense – dub
5. Squarewave, Sukh Knight and Mr. K – Tribesman – New World Audio

BOKA: What are you Top 5 tracks of all time?
1. Digital – Deadline
2. Bad Company – The Nine
3. Three Six Mafia – Sippin on some Syrup
4. Bill Withers – Lovely Day
5. Wu Tang Clan – Uzi

BOKA: Obviously glad to have you release a record on Boka, what else have you got lined up in the future?
SW: I’m working on more of my own dubstep productions for both Boka and New World Audio. There’s a vocal track completed with Doctor, and collabs with Shandy and Nuphlo from Studio Rockers on the go. Also, I’ve completed two dnb tracks that will be out on Hazardous Muzik. Besides that, I’m looking forward to Outlook Festival in September and then I’ll be in India early 2012.

1. Squarewave – Makes You Think – DUBPLATE
2. Squarewave – Dirty Game – BOKA RECORDS [TANK2]
3. Sukh Knight – Shankle – NEW WORLD AUDIO 002
4. Squarewave – Snitch – BOKA RECORDS [TANK2]
5. Shandy – Synthy – NEW WORLD AUDIO 002
6. Kromestar & Dark Tantrums – Circles – DUBPLATE
7. Sukh Knight – Hands Up – DUBPLATE
8. Squarewave, Sukh Knight & Mr. K – Tribesman – NEW WORLD AUDIO 002
9. Dark Tantrums – Moon Ships – GET DARKER
10. Sukh Knight – Untitled – DUBPLATE
11. Tunnidge – 7 Breaths – CHESTPLATE
12. Sukh Knight – Slang Like This (Kromestar VIP) – DUBPLATE
13. Mensah, Sukh Knight & Squarewave – Quad Bikes – HENCH
14. Kromestar – Straight Error – DUBPLATE
15. Shandy – Jump Up – DUBPLATE
16. Pixel Fist – Titans – BOKA RECORDS [TANK1]
17. Ashburner – Gutter – KRAKEN
18. Reggae Roast – Righteous (RSD Remix)


Squarewave – Snitch / Dirty Game [TANK2] out now on Boka Records initially via the Boka Beatport store:

BOKA Records HQ – Mix Vol.3 (BOKAHQ003)

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It’s been a while since 002 and many apologies for this, BokaHQ has been busy but finally the first mix of 010 is upon us – BOKAHQ003.

This time we give props to many new, recent and upcoming releases on other labels, these mixes are all about showcasing the sounds that keep motivating Boka to do what we do.
You can hear new beats from N-Type’s Wheel & Deal Records, a new release on US based Surefire Sound, brand new Distance on his Chestplate label and more…..

Naturally we have also showcased some upcoming Boka releases, there’s a couple of brand new Dubs in their too which will be forthcoming in the not too distant future.


01. Ben Verse – Flip The Coin (Wheel & Deal Records)
02. Vista & Will Blaze – Glo Worm (BOKA Dub)
03. Headhunter & Djunya – El Presidente (Surefire Sound)
04. Funk Ethics & RLD – Give (BOKA Dub)
05. Distance – Beyond (Chestplate)
06. Truth – Timeshift (BOKA Dub) – Released Mid-Late April on 12″ / Digital
07. Addison Groove – Footcramp (Swamp81)
08. Von D & DJ Madd – U (BOKA Dub) – Released 1st April on 12″ White Vinyl / Digital
09. Cluekid – Late Nights (Aquatic Lab)
10. DJ Madd – Detroit Skank (BOKA Dub)
11. Emalkay – A.G.S (Dub Police)
12. Vista & Presence Known – Their Prey (BOKA Dub)
13. Youngsta & Seven – Masai Mara (Wheel & Deal Records)
14. Von D & DJ Madd – It’s Over (BOKA Dub) – Released 1st April on 12″ White Vinyl / Digital


BOKA Records HQ – Mix Vol.2 (BOKAHQ002)

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BOKA HQ have been busy preparing the second installment of the mix series, and i’m pleased to announce it’s here and ready to download.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the 1st edition, it’s been a great success, hence why we’re going to continue making these as long as people are interested.

BOKAHQ001 available here:

In this edition alot of forthcoming BOKA dubs are showcased, including the already infamous ‘Chainsaw Calligraphy (Jakes Remix)’ it’s literally thrown into the mix so keep yer ears peeled for the debut airing 😉


01. Innasekt – Cluster (Forthcoming BOKA)
02. Matt-U – Whyle The F**k Out (Forthcoming BOKA – 023)
03. Vista & Presence Known – Their Prey (Forthcoming BOKA)
04. Emalkay – The Rogue (BOKA013)
05. 16bit – Chainsaw Calligraphy (Jakes Remix) (Forthcoming BOKA – 024PT1)
06. Cluekid – Hovercraft (Ringo Records)
07. JSL – Jack Cates (Forthcoming BOKA)
08. Mala – Blue Notez (DMZ)
09. Matt-U & Riskotheque – Guillotine Growl (Forthcoming BOKA)
10. Benga – Skunk Tip (Tempa.)
11. Truth – Timeshift (Dub)
12. Kryptic Minds – Code 46 (Forthcoming Disfigured Dubz)
13. 16bit – Otako (Forthcoming BOKA)