Get in touch with Boka Records

For demo’s and any other queries please email the following:

info @ bokarecords . com   (remove spaces).

Also available on AOL IM – bokarecords

Here are some other useful contact related links:
Boka Records Myspace page
Boka Records Soundcloud page


11 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Hi! I send my demo track on your e-mail.

  2. josh willmott Says:

    hi boka
    i’ve been searching for 16 bits in the death car ep for a while now i cant find it anywhere on vinyl. can you help?
    cheers josh

    • You may find a copy in the more obscure online shops, but the distributor has sold out too right now.
      It’ll be back in on vinyl by the end of the year hopefully. Remix in the pipeline.

  3. Duggerboy Says:

    hi!! i send my track on your e-mail.. check out))

  4. hi. i’m trying to send on your email some my demos, but allways get the answer, that there is a big size of my massage. can i upload my demos on some filehosting service and send you a link?

  5. I sent my new demo to your email. I hope that you like.
    Check One

  6. Just send demo to U :))


  8. Castelan Says:

    Just sent my demo on your email. Check it out!

  9. Hi, i was wondering whether it would be possible for me to promote your record label on youtube on gaming videos, this is because the gaming community is one of the largest! Basically, it would promote your music much more and increase your popularity and reputation.. All i would like in return is to be able to post your tracks on my channel, with no copyright infringements.. If possible, could you email the legal documents of this aggreement on


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