BOKA Records HQ – Mix Vol.3 (BOKAHQ003)

It’s been a while since 002 and many apologies for this, BokaHQ has been busy but finally the first mix of 010 is upon us – BOKAHQ003.

This time we give props to many new, recent and upcoming releases on other labels, these mixes are all about showcasing the sounds that keep motivating Boka to do what we do.
You can hear new beats from N-Type’s Wheel & Deal Records, a new release on US based Surefire Sound, brand new Distance on his Chestplate label and more…..

Naturally we have also showcased some upcoming Boka releases, there’s a couple of brand new Dubs in their too which will be forthcoming in the not too distant future.


01. Ben Verse – Flip The Coin (Wheel & Deal Records)
02. Vista & Will Blaze – Glo Worm (BOKA Dub)
03. Headhunter & Djunya – El Presidente (Surefire Sound)
04. Funk Ethics & RLD – Give (BOKA Dub)
05. Distance – Beyond (Chestplate)
06. Truth – Timeshift (BOKA Dub) – Released Mid-Late April on 12″ / Digital
07. Addison Groove – Footcramp (Swamp81)
08. Von D & DJ Madd – U (BOKA Dub) – Released 1st April on 12″ White Vinyl / Digital
09. Cluekid – Late Nights (Aquatic Lab)
10. DJ Madd – Detroit Skank (BOKA Dub)
11. Emalkay – A.G.S (Dub Police)
12. Vista & Presence Known – Their Prey (BOKA Dub)
13. Youngsta & Seven – Masai Mara (Wheel & Deal Records)
14. Von D & DJ Madd – It’s Over (BOKA Dub) – Released 1st April on 12″ White Vinyl / Digital



2 Responses to “BOKA Records HQ – Mix Vol.3 (BOKAHQ003)”

  1. heavy as f*ck!!

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